Monday, November 8, 2010

My brain and I are fighting again. I hope the kids don't hear us.

I have a problem.  I don't know if it's me or my brain or if the distinction between the two doesn't really matter, but nonetheless, a problem I have.  Observe:

Me:  Let's do homework.
Brain:  No.
Me:  Well...okay.  Study, then?
Brain:  You're stupid.  I'm going to get all swell-y and crap so that you'll be in pain.
Me:  No not another migraine!  Listen, brain, we REALLY need to start on the Portuguese workbook.
Brain:  No, let's look at pictures of kittens in boxes.
Me:  We did that for three hours yesterday.
Brain:  I know.  But this is the internet.  JUST THINK OF HOW MANY MORE KITTEN PICTURES THERE PROBABLY ARE NOW!  Oh, the boxes!  The kittens!  We must.
Me:  No, brain.  We can't.
Brain:  GAR!  I bestow upon you, pain!
Me:  *Whimper*  Aaaah, no...I can't let you win.
Me:  *Sob*  ...okay.  Okay.  Kittens, then.


PS.  Your comments make me laugh and I love them.  FYI, I certainly DON'T think any of you are creepy.  At all.  I'm so happy that you creep on me, in fact, because I'm a creep too. Word to the wise, creeps make the world go round, y'all.

PPS. I have the strange urge to say "y'all" all the time now.  Whaaaa?  I'm from Utah.  We don't say "y'all."  We say "brothers and sisters."  I need a new word which refers to a large group of people collectively, with which I can address said group.

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  1. Please adopt me into your family. I don't really have much else to say. It should be known though that one on my major reasons for commenting on this is because it summons unicorns. It had better, or else I'll expect you to buy me one.

  2. To address a large group of people, you could say "commoners", "my loyal herd", "the masses", or "fellow homo sapiens" Wait, I like that one. You can't use it now, I decided I like it too much.

  3. My brain and I fight all the time, though eventually it gives in to me. xD
    P.S. I want a Narwhal Unicorn. :DD That would epic, wouldn't you agree?

  4. OMG y'all is my favorite word too!!! (I'm from NJ) Hey, since you're famous and all, can you do a tiny favor? Can you put in three hyphens in a row at the end of your next post? Or if it bothers you, it could be three periods instead. Please, please, PLEASE??? I'd die. Just kidding. I'd ALMOST die of pure delight. You are so awesome O.o. I don't stalk you TOO much, I just procrastinate on your posts. So don't be too creeped out by my multiple lengthy comments, it's just my brain forcing me. Those darn brains, always getting in the way of things. Well, I guess I gtg now...Y'all!

  5. Hmmmm....I'm from Mississippi and "y'all" is definitely widely used. Like constantly. Actually, no one writes it out in a text or letter or anything. It's just spoken, so it looks pretty weird to me written out up there.
    If you are disgusted by a group of people, you can scream,"YOU PEASANTS!" ...and stomp away. For more practical purposes, "you guys" is effective. It can also be used flirtily ex. "you guuuuys" *twirls hair*

  6. I'm glad you don't think that I'm a stalker.

  7. Sigh, so me right now... except without the kittens, but with your site... but i guess you're talking about kittens on your site so... yeah i guess there are kittens invloved (somewhere), do i sound wierd to you?

  8. I say "y'all" a lot more after reading the entirety of The Bloggess's blogs. Damn Texas.

    My brain enjoys me looking at kittens, too. It's alright. We are one.

  9. Sarah, I think The Bloggess really is to blame here. Because that is EXACTLY why I say y'all. Curse you, Jenny. But not really. I love Jenny.

  10. are you really working on a portuguese workbook? really? it's because I'm portuguese and I can't really think why anyone would do that. by the way, what's a portuguese workbook? PS. the unicorn hasn't arrived yet, but I see a walrus dressed as john lennon.

  11. Vera, yes I really am working on a Portuguese workbook. I take a Portuguese class in school and one of our assignments is to complete this workbook. So it's not that I want to do it, it's that I have no choice.

    PS. Tell John Lennon Walrus that I like his tie.

  12. I felt the need to let someone know, and since your blog is my most recent discovery, I thought it would be you. (also because my friends don't listen.) You know what i've realized? Canada has been suspiciously quiet ever since it's been founded. They're probably building a secret underground army that'll invade America once we go bankrupt or something. Then from there, Canada will take over the world with an iron fist, and enslave everyone who makes fun of their accents. This is the kind of thing that makes me lose sleep at night.

  13. That's kind of genius. I never thought about Canada's silence before.


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