Monday, December 6, 2010

...Should I be upset?

I received this comment from "anonymous" today (I edited the bad word.  WHOOO for pretension!):

"F*** you and everyone who comments on this. Your blogs are pretentious and, although it is clear you are joking, it is not funny in the least. You have a very immature sense of humor and I despise you more than anybody could despise anything. Ever."

My initial response was disbelief, as I wondered why, in the same sentence, anonymous insults both me and him/ know...he/she commented on "this."

Then I laughed.

Anonymous, do you really despise me more than anything ever?  Wanna know things that I despise?
1. Genocide
2. Domestic abuse
3. Being chased by geese
4. Murder
5. Road maps
6. Any maps
7. Murder again

This clearly calls for another award.

 Anonymous, don't feel bad.  I made one for you too:

I will literally give you that hug.  No, really.  I'm being serious.  Why don't you email me and we'll talk it out, huh?  Then there can be rainbows and butterflies and we can all learn to respect each other and enjoy each other and have enough decency not to despise/insult total strangers just because some people don't like unicorns jokes and others do. 

Differences, kids.  They make us special.

P.S. Just so we're all clear, insulting me is just fine.  But your comments will be marked as spam and I might write an immature and pretentious post about it.  "But Megan, FREE SPEECH!  You just don't want to deal with anyone who disagrees!"

Um, duh.  This is MY blog.  Free speech doesn't apply so much.  Why would I let anyone say icky things about me and my readers?  It's insulting to the very concepts of acceptance and free speech.  If you want to disagree with me respectfully, knock yourself out.  Otherwise, let me reiterate a point: IT'S MY BLOG, I DO WHAT I WANT!  HAHAHA!


  1. Applause. "Differences, kids. They make us special."- Pretty much sums it up.

  2. haha that crazy loon

  3. Okay, okay. You caught me. I'm sorry I dropped the bomb on you comment box.

  4. I wish you would dedicate a blog to me...but because I say really nice things about you, not terrible, mean, passive-aggressive things.

    Please? It's my birthday!

    Just kidding. It's not my birthday.

  5. This actually coincides well with your other post, since an entry from awhile ago in my journal says "'Pretentious' is just a word people use when they can't understand how awesome something is."
    Originally it was going to be used against people who call progressive rock 'pretentious', but it MOST DEFINITELY applies here too.

  6. free speech doesn't apply here- made my day
    megan i love you so don't let silly little children get you down

  7. Megan, this is hilarious. "Free speech doesn't apply here." Made my day. Especially since that's what I say to my brother when he comes in my room and starts pestering me...

    Don't let those people who are jealous of your awesomeness get you down. And to those commenters who 'think' this blog is a pile of rubbish, we all see what you're doing. You're trying to make Megan feel awful about herself, so that she will stop blogging and then you will RULE THE INTERWEBS!!! But no, your evil plan is not working. Megan has too many dedicated minions to encourage her in her plot to... something else. And you are just not very bright if you have to insult yourself in order to insult Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum. I'm sorry.

    Woah, that was a loooong comment. LOVE YA MEGAN!! I WANT TO BE AWESOME LIKE YOU!

  8. I'll kill you all..

  9. I love Megansquared. And I'm PROUD. Also I love your blog design. Very very much.

  10. i love your blog :D you are the funniest person EVER. your blog makes my day everyday.

  11. I love you megan!!!
    do you feel weird that some total stranger just admitted that? i do... a little...& I was the one who typed it... nEyways please keep wrighting your "Pretentious" blog it makes me laugh :)
    PS: you have another badge which is currently envisable because tecnology (&spelling, sorry)hate me, the "I make random strangers laugh" badge

  12. So I for one am really glad that anonymous said that. It made for the funniest post ever!! seriously my cousin and i were laughing sooo hard while pretneding to study in the 'quiet lounge' Yeah. it wasn't very quiet.

    THX 4 making our day Megan!!!

  13. wow i never will understand why people feel the urge to say things like this. if it bothers them so much why read it? wow this world really confuses me sometimes...

  14. megan, i have recently stumbled upon your blog. i wanted to comment on some of the posts but i didnt know how this blog page thingy worked. would you know i had left witty, hilarious comments scattered across this webpage? so i decided to just write here instead.

    firstly, i am reading in the wrong order because im too lazy to find the start, and i just got up to the post about evil "P". I was gonna say something epic here but i cant make it sound funny, only pretentious (HA!). But you can get the general gist from the name i posted as, and we can begin genocide (HA! again. Silly anonymous) of "ph" from here.

    Also, it's wizard (I've never used this as an adjective before, but now I think I will do it more often) how you end your Sparklife posts with music. Not only do I feel musically educated, but worldly as well. For example, I recognise the guy in one of the posts above me as the creator of one of the wizard (it is rather fun) beats.

    also, i would like you to know that you are the coolest megan i know and i know four others. i know, right? compliment and a half. know.

    i apologize for the inconvenient duration of this ramble. i am here to negotiate the cessation of said ramble. please find it in your heart to forgive me.

  15. Oh Megan how I love your blog.
    you should join my robot unicorn attack game club.
    not really a club, more a tournament, a tournament for awesome robot unicorn playing kids!
    anyway, some days I think we were separated at birth, because your blog completes me.
    I also hate maps.
    especially Dora's map.
    "wheres the map Dora?"
    "can you find the map?"
    ugh "ocho!"
    anyway, I shall leave you with that.

  16. megan? festive is my least favorite word in the engrish language and it is leering at me from the side of this page. "you have no idea." you have no idea how i hate it so! but i wouldn't give anonymous a hug. he's just like the people on youtube that actually take the time to describe in detail how much they hate this video, looking like an idiot all the while because they are spending more time on a video they are claiming to hate. no. a hug is not what mr. A needs. he needs a good face scrubbing, courtesy of the sidewalk.

  17. littlesparklehappysunshineDecember 9, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    Megan that person is silly you rock! But... do you really hate all maps? What about google maps? Google maps rocks because you can go to Paris without leaving your house or even putting on pants! And we all know how awkward and hurtful pants can be.

  18. Megan, you're amazing. I love how when somebody says something incredibly rude, the only thing you do is laugh. And give them a hug. You deserve an award for being inspiring. :)

    Oh, and another award for being epic and HILARIOUS!

  19. You are ALL wonderful human beings.

  20. I'm kinda surprised that you were able to make an award out of that. Way to WIN!

    Megan, you're pretty hilarious. I love it when someone insults you and you just laugh in their face. It makes them so mad, and embarrassed. Seriously, try it in person.

    Well, point is, you're cool and correct.

  21. Trolling on the internet
    is actually quite common and is best ignored

  22. haha damn xD

    love the blog :)

  23. Can I pretend to be "anonymous" and still redeem that hug? Then sell it on ebay? $$Mon-ay~

  24. Love this. Love you.

  25. Hi megan im jess and i stumbled over this and i wanna say that your not the only one in the world that hates road maps!

  26. Wow, I can't believe someone would be so mean as to actually go out of their way to say something like that. Don't pay them any heed! Your blog is great!


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