Monday, December 6, 2010

Excerpts from my journal part 1

Before I started blogging regularly, I kept a journal.  But not a real journal, per se, more like a book consisting of every stray, unintelligible, crazy, erratic, nonsensical thought that ever bounced around in my brain.  In school, if I didn't have my journal I would FREAK OUT because WHERE WILL I WRITE ABOUT THE COMPARATIVE QUALITIES OF K$SHA AND LADY GAGAWHEREIASKYOU!?!?!?!?  Once, I forgot it and spent all of my theater class filling up an entire white erase board with the random mind-spewage that could not be contained.  My friend Amber took pictures.  I'll ask for them.  THEN YOU WILL SEE HOW WEIRD I REALLY AM.

But you're about to anyway:

March 31, 2010

-You know how sometimes you have those days when you wake up and you're all, "um, I don't want to go to U.S. government," so you go back to bed and wake up half an hour later and think, "I don't really want to go to biology," so you go back to sleep but then you realize you forgot to call Morgan, so you do and then she laughs at you for being so lame, and you laugh too, and then you go back to bed, and later you wake up and finally shower, but all you really feel like doing is acting out a zombie apocalypse on facebook?  Yeah.  I'm having one of those days.

Friday, April 23, 2010

-I assume that you make socially awkward comments because you're obsessed with me.
-No matter how many times I tell myself I'm not going to spill, I always spill.

May 3, 2010

-Fruit salad:  Banana is the gross, awkward second cousin that you include so that he doesn't feel bad, but you feel bad, cause he smells.  Pineapple is the really loud, fat, obnoxious aunt.  You're trying to enjoy raspberry or make out with your boyfriend strawberry, and Aunt Pineapple comes up to you and starts laughing really loudly and yelling about childbirth and how her bunions hurt.  So yeah.  Fruit salad is like an awkward family reunion.  You could say that.

-K$sha VERSUS Lady Gaga:

Okay, first of all, K$sha spells her name like an idiot.

1. Dinner with Kesha would probably end like this: ", I'll take you home, put down the vodka...Hey put your shirt back on! you sure can vomit." 
Lady Gaga would probably talk about interesting things like...well I don't know.  Maybe I'll just talk about Lady Gaga herself.

2. Kesha would probably win in a fight, assuming she wasn't drunk.
Lady Gaga could outdance Kesha any day of the week.  And she'd probably drive drunk Kesha home.

3. A drunk Kesha video game would be so awesome.
A Lady Gaga video game would probably just be a lot of hip thrusting.

4. "Your Love is My Drug" is kind of catchy.
Lady Gaga has about 100,025 zillion dollars worth of better songs, in comparison.

5. I wouldn't want to meet Kesha.  I just want to shamefully listen to one or two of her jams where no one will find out.
Meeting Lady Gaga would be scary.  But awesome.

May 4, 2010
-Apparently, it's Ke-dollarsign-ha.  Not K-dollarsign-sha.  So Ke$ha.  Not K$sha....Whatever.  She spells it like an idiot.  I don't feel bad.  YOU DON'T OWN ME, K$SHA!

May 8, 2010
-Would the world be better, worse, or neutral if I never cleaned my room?

May 10, 2010
-This is just like the time I asked--nay, DEMANDED that my mother extend my curfew.  In that this also did not go well.

-And at this point I'm all, whatever.  Just give me the freakin' alkaseltzer.

-I'm not sure how alkaseltzer would help in this situation, but it sounds up to the task.

-I realize that my desk wold be more functional if I cleaned it.  But when crap covers every surface in my room--well, that really speaks to me.

-Tyler just informed me that "crap" is a swear word in England.  It feels like my birthday.

May 16, 2010

-You lack life-blood.

May 25 (ish. ?) 2010

-Yeah, who needs to keep track of the days?  Not me.  That's who.

May 28, 2010

-Sometimes I accidentally make things awkward without noticing.

-Actually, the most awkward thing about me is probably how often I talk about being awkward.

-...Does anyone want to elope?

As you can see, my entries don't follow any sort of linear, cohesive train of thought.  They consist of a lot of one-liners that confuse me when I go back and read them.

One day I will include more entries complete with the illustrations straight from the journal.   Also, assuming no one is so freaked out at my insanity, I will publish MOAR ENTRIEEEZZZ!

Actually, I probably will anyway, whether you're freaked out or not.


  1. I still have the Z Diaries. Someone should make a movie out of it.

  2. OMG. I must now dig out/ find/ pay a team of explorers to find my old diaries. Then compare them to your epical awesomness. Although mine would look like just annoying scribbles while your's is... what's the word for epicer than epic? Yeah. That. :D x

  3. Strangley this totally looks like my journal/diary too.

    PS. did i spell strangely wrong. oh. i did.

  4. i've always wondered what to do with my random i knooow..oh yes. i know.

  5. *awkward dinosaur noise*December 6, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    erm, i've sordof been forced to comment, seeing as i dont like cardiovascular diseases and i love unicorns...
    so megan, you should TOTES POAST MOAAAREZZZZ.

  6. Girlfran, more entries plz. kthxbai.

  7. You. Are. Amazing. Awesomesauce. ARGGG I AM BEING MELTED BY UR AWESOMENESS!

  8. I do that too. It's just mine doesn't have illustrations and ends up mostly as Facebook statuses.
    You could say the Internet is keeping my journal for me, except you probably shouldn't because that would be rather creepy of it, as if the Internet wasn't creepy enough already.

  9. You are unique in all the world.

  10. I think I just saw a unicorn enter.
    My entries are just like... random stuff. Mostly banter about Sparklife, though.

  11. My journal entries are all about what I do throughout the day. I MUST start something like your journal though, because sometimes my brain is all "SPAZ" and it comes up with this really random stuff. Look at this (entry on my blog) and you'll see what I mean If I put all of the random thoughts in this post into a journal, I would make myself significantly more epic than I currently am.

  12. Hi, I'm a totally random stranger! (ahem my name is Carrie.)
    I adore your blog, and I would like you to know that it is the one thing that keeps me going through my APUSH homework. Reading your posts gives me the go on. *dramatic pose with hand on forehead*
    I think that if we were to know each other in real life, we'd totes be BFFs and we'd watch HP movies over and over and have marathon chocolate chip cookie eating contests and we'd giggle at our respective social abnormalities and we'd come up with cute abbreviations for words, ie "spesh" for "special", "presh" for "precious", etc. I'M A NORMAL HUMAN FEMALE WHO DREAMS BIG. LEAVE ME ALONE.
    Yeeeeeeah. KI'mjustgonnakindaendthisbye.
    PS you're cool.


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