Monday, November 8, 2010

I should definitely be sleeping

What I want to say is that my head is like, "AAAAAH I'm going to kill you with the stabbing pain of one thousand narwhal horns."

Wait.  I mean that I'm supposed to say that narwhals are awesome.  I heart narwhals, you guys.  Just because I haven't mentioned them, doesn't mean that I don't love them.  I'm sorry, narwhals.  You deserve better. 

I'm sorry.  I'm not very funny.  This is a failure.  Go read "Ice Factory" instead.  If you're new to my blog, just read ANYTHING else.  I swear I'm not usually this idiotic.  Scratch that.  I totally am, it's just that usually there are more pictures involved, and less migraine-induced sleep deprivation.

I will probably delete this in the morning.  Enjoy, procrastinating college/high school students who don't go to bed when they should.  Also, enjoy, countries on the other side of the world.

UPDATED:  You know what?  No.  You don't own me, migraine.  I'm going to leave this post up so that all of your facebook friends will delete you for being such a dumb tack jerk mugger.

Also, my "Twilight" post for some reason is attractive to you guys.  Have you not read Dan Bergstein?  Awesome times 34,234.

Please don't compare me to Dan Bergstein now.  I will fall woefully behind on my chart of coolness.  Anyway.  Would you be interested in a continuation of that Twilight thing?  Like New Moon for people who don't like New Moon?  Or should I just pretend that I never wrote the first one to begin with?  I will stare at my computer screen until you answer me.


  1. Hi Megan.
    I'm up late too.
    And idiotic too.

    Is it strange that I am addressing you even though you have no idea who I am?
    I'm Gabi.
    I should be asleep.

  2. Please don't delete this in the morning. Also, HI!

  3. Megan, I'm very glad you didn't delete this in the morning. Please don't delete it in the afternoon either. And I vote for another Twilight Saga post. The awesome level is definately compareable (comparable? I can't spell :|) to the awesomesauceness of Dan Bergstein. I'm really excited to read your posts on Sparknotes (: Also, congrats on that.
    Anyways. This is slightly long and rather rambly and I apologize. But I've been reading your blogs for a while and they are always uberhilarious.
    So.. I guess that's all..
    *sidles awkwardly out of view*

  4. Dear Megan,
    My sister's name is Megan too. But it's spealled like Meagan. And you totally shouldn't care about that. I dont even care about that. Ok, so the Twilight post was probably the greatest invention since sliced bread, that is, besides your entire blog. Even though sometimes you say you're not funny, but actually you're hilarious, and sometimes I dont read you blog so that I can save it for future hilaria when I really need a 'Megan's-blog-rocks-like-your-mom-fuzzy-socks' pick me up. But yeah, a New Moon one would be aboslutely fetch-tastic, especially since I have Twilight and long for the day when it completely dies and the entire world including Stephanie Myere realizes that Harry Potter has always been better than anything and everything, and go Utah! Utha's cool. I think I got everything out.. yep. OH!- I'm Vanessa, by the way, you're newest fan who stayed up for 7 hours and 28 minutes past midnight on a school night to read every single one of your posts, and laugh about them, and read them multiple times.. and laugh some more. So, thankyou for being awesome, I really appriciate it, and really want you to be my older sister. I think it's the end now... yes. it is.

  5. HI!!! Its me again!!! I feel kind of stalkerish..has anyone else commented on the last three blogs too? Lets talk about butterflies... Butterflies exist. They don't burp(I think). That's enough about butterflies. By the way, you ARE comparable to Dan Bergstein. I am a professional PhD in literature and I know things. (well, at least I pretend to be one online, it's the only way I can get people to listen to me:P)


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