Friday, November 12, 2010

A few things before I leave you all for the weekend.

I'm not going anywhere special.  I'm just going to try really hard to not internet.


First and foremost, my latest post on SparkLife is up.  TWO IN ONE WEEK.  I'm a freaking superstar.  You should check it, because it's probably the peak of my career.  Seriously, now y'all (NEED. NEW.  WORD.) are going to expect me to be funny, and I'll feel pressured, and I'll start posting drawings of tap dancing bananas and no one will be amused or impressed and then I will spiral into a deep depression and venture off-campus in order to procure a caffeinated Coke.  (There's no caffeine on campus.  THIS IS MY LIFE.)  (I LOVE CAPS TODAY.)

Second, I get all nervous and stuff asking you people for help, because in my head, if I ask a favor you all will be like, "WHAT THE HECK.  UNFOLLOW!" and I know that you guys are probably more awesome than that, but still.  This is the way Megan's brain works.

So here's the favor.  Feel free to say no and then question the symmetry of my facial structure.  Simply put, spread the word, if you can.  If you have Facebook or Twitter, post a link to my blog.  I will then be forever happy, and will award everyone a veritable mountain of points.  In fact, TAKE THEM.  Just for reading, you all get one hundred thousand points.  However, now the points are worthless, and the point market just crashed and you all hate me because you can no longer afford your petty trinkets.  So maybe you can all have one hundred points.  Fair?

Third, a lot of you have been saying that you want to be my friend.  WELL YOU CAN!  Simply go to Facebook and search:  (the period between "megan" and "squared" is there on purpose, folks) and add me up!  You also should go follow me on Twitter, because that would be FUN!  There are more nifty ways to contact me in my contact section.  I almost always respond to people.

Fourth, you guys are seriously the best, ever.  All the people who read and comment on my SparkLife posts and my blog are just so funny and witty and hilarious and I literally CANNOT WAIT for comments on a new post because you guys are just so laugh-out-loud funny.  I just about die.  Which is why I'll probably now be implementing an "Awesome Comment" section of each blog post.  Because I just have to share the awesome.  EXAMPLE:

Awesome Comment: "Megan, you are very attractive and your face is very symmetrical." ~Megan Prietzel

Fifth, I'm sorry that I talk about bacon so much.  If you are a vegetarian, I don't mean to offend you, but you don't understand.  I just LOVE bacon.  I'm not into vegetarianism, but if you talked about it, I wouldn't bash you or think you were uninteresting just because you are involved with or like something that I don't.  You see the point I'm making here?  Please be nice to me, or I will cry and the whole world will drown in my tears.

See ya, Sparkle Pies.


  1. hey, bacon wants me to say to you that he loves you more and that he thinks you're face is more round than asymetrical, specially if you keep on eating him again and again. btw, there's no portuguese word for bacon (because we are too bloody lazy to create it) but you can always say: EU AMO CARNE DE PORCO FUMADA!! XDD

  2. Personally I don't understand why people kept getting offended when you mentioned bacon, it's not like you came to their house, clammed their mouths open and stuffed them with bacon until they exploded.

  3. heeeeeeeeeeey... why would you be sorry for talking about bacon? screw the people who get offended (not literally and i apoligize to whoever get offended by the mentioning of delicious bacon) and then just keep talking about bacon. its random and epic and really, whats the percentage of people in the U.S. who are vegetarian??? most people eat meat and enjoy it. and im sry but seriously, HOW DO YOU DRAW THOSE POLAR BEARS??? I can't figure it out! and then every time i try, it ends up looking like a lopsided snowball. please send me one!! you have my email!! and P.S. if i used it in MY blog, i would totally credit you and say that you are the most awesome blogger and that my ONE reader should stop wasting their time reading my blog and go read yours. P.S.S. bacon is bomb. and so are penguins. even though they are secretly planning to take over the world and eat all of our pie.

  4. okay, you inspired me.. i officially am a blogger now, and i mentioned you in my first post! YAYAYY, and i like bacon too :P aha

  5. i'ma keep this sweet and succint.

    Bacon = OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

    there, i've said it.

  6. Your blog had Totoro. Totoro as in like the japanese cartoon cat-mouse cuddly bear Totoro?! Did i get that right, because if i did that would be totally awsome as is the cat-mouse creature that looks really soft and squishy and i totally want to cuddle now!

  7. Wait, you'r name is Megan Prietzel? Like pretzel? I'm not the only person in the world who's named after a pretzel? MAYBE WE'RE RELATED! ACTUALLY, MAYBE WE'RE LONG LOST SISTER-TWINS AND WE'LL MEET AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER RIDING UNICORNFAIRYS AND BEING AWESOME!

    That would make my day. Please, please, please can we be sister-twins? Pretty please!?!?

  8. I would be a vegetarian but... I LOVE bacon (and sausage pizza)so please talk about Bacon its simply delicious and honestly I dont think you CAN talk about it to much. its an impossibility.


  9. Megan, you are currently my favorite SparkLife Contributor and Blogger. You have surpassed Dan Bergstein and my own dad in epic hilarity. Your level of pulchritude is unmatched in all of the Intarnetz.

    Also, bacon is the most magical substance in the world. It is better than Red Vines.

  10. Dear Megan,
    never stop talking about bacon!!!! crazy person!
    all those bacon haters can just shut the f..ront door!! theyre lettin the air out.
    btw if you havent seen him before you should look up the comedian Jim Gaffigan and hear his funny bacon jokes :D
    Oh and that Rabid watever person above me ^ stole my word(pulchritude) from me!! I think u are much more pulchritudinous than he/she(it) does!

    Hail Queen Bacon! XP

  11. Ok i have just today started reading your blog.
    I love to be random and knowing that there are others of my kind makes me so exuberant.
    Peace and love

  12. i wish i could see your face! then i would have a good ground to judge whether it is unsymmetrical or not. ~ :D

  13. My face is in my about page, my friend.



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