Monday, August 15, 2011

This is your own fault. YOU ASKED FOR IT.

I've been getting emails and comments and messages from people asking me if I have any other talents.  Other than drawing velociraptors.  Yeah.  Because that's a talent.  Anyway, usually I say, "NOPE.  NOT A ONE." Except a few of you have been very specific.  "Do you sing?" they ask.  Well...the answer is sort of.

I sort of sing.  I have taken a couple classes.  I've been in a few musicals.  I'm just not pursuing singing, so it's kind of something I don't do much, unless I'm alone, in my room with a hairbrush and underpants.  Because that's what pop stars do.

I thought I ought to share this with you since A. you seem interested, B. I really enjoy looking at/listening to/generally talking about myself, and C. it's been asked a surprising number of times.

So!  This is me singing "Just You and Me" by Zee Avi.  It's one of my favorites and I don't do it justice, but that's okay because SO WHAT, that's why.  My webcam sucks so you'll need to PUMP UP THA VOLUME!  It gets easier to hear after a couple lines, I think.  Also, I mess up a lot.  SO SUE ME.  Or sew me.  Whatever you want to do is fine with me.

Also, I have to just link you to YouTube where I have it because Blogger hates me more than anything and is trying to save you from watching this, I guess.  You have been warned.  By me and by blogger.


P to the S: disneyaddict326 is the youtuber who uploaded the instrumental that I sang to because I have no instrument-type skills.  GO HER!


  1. It's not fair that you're so pretty and you can sing fantastically. And you're hysterical and cool. It's not fair! You've got the whole package, chica!

  2. why? why must you be so talented when i am not? *jealousy*

  3. Try out for Young Americans??

  4. My, oh my... seeing you in something other than a still picture was quite thrilling. you are nothing like you say you are, you are not the dorky nerd who stumbles a lot, but you are a charming you lady with quite a voice to be heard. and you kinda look pretty good.

  5. So this has nothing to do with this particular post, but your blog cracks me up on a regular basis. Also, I saw this and when I read the description I felt like I was reading your blog and I swear it's not creepy that I thought of that? Anyways, it's this supercool onesie :)

  6. Dear Meg,
    I just noticed that you have been posting some little "amirite?" references in your Sparklife blog. WELL YAY. I GO ON AMIRITE TOO! :D So now I feel a little more awesome, because I have something in common with an awesome blogger who writes hilarious things. You're an amazing singer, by the way. Funny AND talented. DOUBLE TROUBLE, BABAYY.So anyways, that's all I wanted to say.
    The End.


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