Friday, September 30, 2011

A really awful explanation complete with horrible pictures.

Oh, hello! a blog! look at that, it's MY blog!  It's all dusty from disuse.  And bad ms paint drawings.  But that's never going to change, let's be honest.  The second part, I mean.  It will be tidied up due to...use.  THERE WILL BE NO MORE FIGURATIVE SPIDERWEBS IN MY BLOG.  Mainly because there are no figurative spiders here.  Unless my total lack of dedication these past few months are symbolized by spiders.

I'm sorry.  It's 2:00 in the a.m.

As an absolutely HORRIBLE and BORING apology, here are a bunch of pictures.  AND AT THE END OF THE SLIDESHOW YOU WILL HATE ME.  Probably.

 One time I had horrible bangs but awesome taste in clothing.

 And then I had awkward growing-out bangs and somewhat less awesome taste in clothing.

 And always I have Sullivan Jones and William Howard Taft "Mega William Mojawk Joe"

 Who I love.

 In a weird, green-skinned kind of way.

 Also, did you know that I have an incredibly sexy kissy face?  It's so hot.

But not NEARLY this hot.

And then there's this...
Now my whole point here is that I have a depressing amount of school work.  Also that I I like pictures wherein awkward men just barely make it into the frame.  Don't pretend you don't like it, too.

I have some posts planned.  I do for realzies.  In the meantime, keep up with me on the Twitter machine, my facebook page, and where they still haven't fired me for reasons unknown to myself and virtually every other person who knows me.


  1. you do have a cute kissing face ;)...and school is pretty depressing, especially in HongKong...we're Fanatics on grades...

  2. I feel like eating you up now.

    It's totally a compliment.

    You're adorable!

  3. I thrive on photos with random guys staring creepily. *sarcasm hand way up*
    But yeah, they do make for goofy photos.

  4. You're coming back for realz? YAY!

    And I forgive you, because this post was funny :D

  5. I forgive you, too. Also, one grammar Nazi to another (I'm assuming you are one): Unless my total lack of dedication these past few months is* symbolized by spiders.

    Sorry. I had to do that.

  6. Does Sparknotes pay you? Like you're a real splogger? How'd ya swing that? (Besides being a funny writer, that is.)

  7. So my little sister and I were watching Sara Bareilles stuff on youtube today and I realized she actually looks a lot like you. Or you look like her. Or something.


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