Monday, June 6, 2011

Tavia and I talk drugs. Because that's what we do, yo.

Tavia: DUDE.  I'm working in a house, like fixing it up while I'm here, and I found coke, like the drug, in it today.

Me: Did you SELL IT.  I would have sold it.  And then CALLED THE COPS.

Tavia: I couldn't sell it, it was all over this shelf I was cleaning off.  Oh, and then I found weed in the freezer.

Me: How do you know it was coke?  Maybe the dude liked flour.  Or sugar.  Or crystal meth.

Tavia: It was coke.  We asked the other guy who was working with us.

Me: Did you smell it?  I probably would have smelled it just to make sure. Which is why I'm not allowed around cocaine.

Tavia: ...You have a lot to blog about.

Me: Wait, you found the weed IN THE FREEZER?


  1. So what DID they do with the coke? I agree, sell it!

  2. The neighbours at my grandparents' cottage are potheads, so this made me think of them. (I think that's a rude term. Is that a rude term? Oops. They're nice people.)
    But anyway, they kept their dead cat in their freezer until the ground thawed enough to bury her.

  3. "I don't like cocaine, I just like the smell of it."

  4. That's not so so weird... I kept my dead budgie in the freezer until the ground thawed too.
    R.I.P. Hector =(

  5. hmmm what happened to the coke ?

  6. heeheez...this is funny!!! and you never beleave how i foundedede it...and imma not tellin ya ether!!!!! muwahahahahah!!! oh hell...i just pulled a vlad...oh well.


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