Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just a quick update to let you know that I have not died a horrible death.

It seems like I'm always assuring people who don't care that I haven't experienced an untimely demise.  I need to come up with a new reassurance.  Like, "HEY I HAVEN'T CONTRACTED MALARIA LATELY, HAVE YOU?" and people would be like, "Dude, just shut up already, we KNOW that you're fine" and I'd laugh nervously and start talking about not being dead again. I don't know.  It's really late.  I shouldn't be blogging.

Since you're all so FREAKING INTERESTED in my schedule and life, I have officially finished my last day of classes (YAY) and will now enter finals week, which means this week will be a ton of studying and then there will come test taking and then moving back to my mom's house because I am so lame it's painful.  OH DID YOU KNOW MY MOM MAKES PRETTY HAIR STUFF NOW?!  She made me a headband that looks like that one Kate girl's headband.  Like, the chick who's marrying that prince guy.  William Shatner?  Yeah, that Kate who's marrying Prince William Shatner.  Anyway, I'll post a picture of that because my mom makes cool stuff and you all need to see it so that you can tell me my head is prettier than Princess Kate Shatner's head.

...I totally had a point with this.

OH YEAH.  So I'm going to be really busy for two-ish weeks, but then I'll be BACK and I'll do PRODUCTIVE THINGS like maybe change my blog layout to reflect the actual month that it is.  Because it is not February.  This is just embarrassing.

Anyway, point is I'm alive, just busy.  And I'll start being not busy so that you can all go back to telling me that you love me and/or telling me that I need to go die a thousand times and stop writing because my writing makes the world explode regularly or some such crap like that.  Yeah, that's what's up, HATERS.

...That was oddly hostile.  I'm sorry.  I need to go to bed now.  Been working on one too many final projects, if ya know what I mean.  And you probably do because that wasn't a euphemism at all.

Oh my goodness.  This is getting out of hand.  Goodnight.




    After all, if you aren't here to make us psml, no one will. (:

    Sleep well.

  2. Oh yeah last day of class... aren't I engaged then? Yes. Yes I am.

  3. Or I can just go ahead and tell you I love you and you can read it later. So consider that done.

    Did you know my mom has been making me headbands since freshman year?
    I'm pretty sure this is a further sign of our spiritual connectedness.

  4. I miss your posts :(
    Come back soon!

  5. LOL. You're funnier when you're stressed and sleepy or .... just whatever.By the way I have been up, STARING at my computer, scaring the hebeejeebees (is this how you spell it?) out of my screen-saver since the last time i commented. WHERE IS MY UNICORN??! DID IT GET STUCK IN CLOUD SOMEWHERE??
    That's all.
    Mosquitoes should become extinct.
    Have you read Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta?


  6. Hey Megan! Don't worry about posting constantly, we understand. If you get the time, check out my blog:
    You're kind of my inspiration, so it would be cool if you checked it out. No pressure! Hope you do well on your tests!


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