My name is Megan.  I like to write about things that have little to do with anything ever. My favorite color is glitterz-n'-sparklez.  I really, really love unicorns.  Really.  I attend the illustrious Brigham Young University.  I am not allowed to grow a beard, a rule I am lobbying fiercely to overturn. You can get lots of BYU/LDS themed funnies by me at my Tumblr.

I sometimes win things.  Not very often though.  

This is me when I, like, do my hair and stuff:

This is me 99.99 percent of the time:

Um.   I like things that are cool.  Like unicorns.  And dinosaurs.  And zombies.  And pokemon.  Things like that.  I sometimes talk like I'm a pirate.

...And that's about it.