Monday, October 18, 2010

When I grow up to be even more awesome than I am now, this is what it will look like

I am not married, and I probably won't be married any time soon because I think I don't like being married yet.  That's the idea, anyway.

Nevertheless, I have come up with some super-cool plans for my future.  Dive in, shall we?

Ideas for the names of my future daughters:
Twilight Bella (Just in case I want to name one of them after Twilight Bella.  Wouldn't want people to be confused.)
Helen Keller (Too far?)
Picture Frame
Picture Frame II
Picture Frame Decorated With Butterflies
Wikipedia (Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?)
* (Pronounced "Asterisk"
**(Pronounced "Double Asterisk")
(**) (Pronounced "Parenthesis Double Asterisk Amanda")

(o.o)    (Pronounced "Franchesca")  (Or "Robot Bunny")  (Or both)

Ideas for the names of my future sons:
CrimsonRedScarletJones (His favorite color will be yellow, probably)
Cement (Pronounced See-Ment.  Probably will not go over well.)
Newton's Third Law (I always forget this one)
AAAAAH!FIRE!EVERYONERUN!!!! (Pronounced "Christopher")
Atticus Google
Atticus LeGoogle
& (I don't know how I would pronounce this.)
Brunhildo (See, I took a popular female Viking name and made it male.  I want people to know how incredibly creative I am.  SO creative.  In fact, watch this next one.  It's a doozy.)
Satin Oxygen Little Bird

I also have ideas for my future name.  As I understand, it changes when you get married.  If I get to change my name, I would like for it to be one of these:

Optimus Beyonce (This is a bit of homage to Dan Bergstein, who should probably just go ahead and create a baby naming book.  It would be awesome.)
Megan Braveheart
Megan Iscool
Megan !
LeMegan Leblahbleaux (In case I marry a French guy.)
Megan Angel Miracle
The Illustrious Megan
Megan Jeremiah
Megan Megan
Megan M. Megan
Megan Sexyfacehotpants
Megan Gotareallybigdiamondring
The Wittiest, Most Charming Woman Ever To Have Lived

I also have picked out my future home.

I has a rocket.  Do you?
Not pictured in the above photo representation: hot tub, unicorn stables, more more cake, and back door.  Also, mailbox.

My future occupation will be one of the following:
Supreme Dictator of the State of Utah
Supreme Dictator of Any Other Place
Person Who Gets Paid To Eat Cake
Official Officiator
Person Who Writes About Random Crap And Draws Lousy Pictures
Blogger Who Writes About Random Crap And Draws Lousy Pictures
Person Who Makes "PH" Not Sound Like "F" Anymore Because It Makes No Sense
Struggling College Student


  1. I want to be just like you when I grow up!! :P

  2. My brother's name is Sir Awesome Charles the Wonderful of Caketaleland Leblahbleaux.

    You two should get married.

    Then we could be related.

  3. Haha! I love your blog! Except you don't post on it much. I can understand that though. I once had a blog. Still do, in fact. But I only posted one thing about "Hello" or "cats" or something and then got bored. You are less easily distracted and more determined than I'm hungry should I eat something healthy like carrots or something not healthy like coco pebbles?

  4. oh my god :D this is A W E S O M E.
    i love your blog!


  6. I am all for forever rainbows, it means we are one step closer to traveling on paths of technicolor light! (this notion makes me go 'eeeeeee' involuntarily)

  7. i think dragonslayer is the most EPIC name ever heck it could also be his occupation

  8. My future home has cake too! What a coincidence. Also, my vote is for Megan !.

  9. I will live in a space....with a mailbox!!!

    I win!

  10. Francesca the MagnificentNovember 14, 2010 at 7:21 PM

    My name is Francesca, but people call me ROBOT BUNNY. Coincidence? I think not. (My name really is Francesca, though. And it is amazing that you put Sue on the list as well, because my middle name happens to be pronounced just like Sue, except that it's spelled Sioux. Like the Native American tribe. Yes, I know. It is epic beyond words.)

  11. lol i wanna live on a rainbow too:)

  12. OH MY GOD NO WAY. (I feel super awkward, since this post is from October 2010 and now it's almost a year later but) ZOMG my name is Autumn. It would have been cooler if you had included my name but it was one of the awesome ones (like Optimus Beyonce) but still! *squees until she almost passes out*


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