Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm surprised she still talks to me, but not really because who wouldn't want to be friends with a super hero? Exactly.

Spring Break means everyone is out of town for a week, including my friend Morgan. While she's having a grand ole' time in California, I'm in ...West Jordan...AWESOME.

(Arguably Morgan might not be having an awesome time because of the earthquake, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? An earthquake would be super awesome. As long as I didn't die. Or lose a limb. Fingers are okay, though.)

Morgan: So what are you up to today?

Megan: Well nothing that is too interesting.

Megan: I might make some potstickers.

Megan: Maybe I'll give the dogs a bath.

Megan: Unless disaster befalls the city, in which case I'll put on my supersuit and save the word.


Megan: Not word...

Megan: Although I could save a word, if the need arised.

Megan: Arose?

Megan: Arose.

Megan: Arised isn't a word.


Morgan: ok.

Megan: ...don't judge me.

I imagine she read that a couple of times, shaking her head and wondering how much sleep I got last night.

The answer? NONE.

Updated: Be aware, because this is probably going to be me.


  1. i just wanna say that i think its hilarious she said NOTHING until you sent like 203803 messages.. and the only thing she had to say was .. "ok". hahaah

  2. hahahaha Megan, you are my hero. : )

  3. Thank you for being my Friday night entertainment. And, my favorite part? The labels. Yeah, I read those things.

  4. You are very awesome... and I'm really glad I saw that link with your guide to EPICNESS on Sparknotes, hehe Grapes of Wrath... plus I'm really in the mood to procrastinate right now.


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