Monday, January 11, 2010

Call me Albert, cause I'm about to discover the law of photoelectric effect

Matt: You cannot have a blog and not update it. Why am I following you if you don't post?

Me: Because I would blog about people and HOW CAN I BLOG ABOUT PEOPLE WHEN THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE BLOGGED ABOUT? That, and I'm lazy. appears that I have a fondness for caps today...CAPS.

Matt: Well then, blog about something else. Persevere. In the name of science!

Me: Shall I blog about science?

Matt: Certainly, the science of properly applying eye makeup, as was so thoroughly explained to me on Saturday.

Me: There's science, then there's stuff people actually care about. Eye makeup falls under the latter.

Then I told him he was giving me license to blog about him, because he was talking about my blog. He told me that there's nothing to say about him and more to say about the rivalry between my dogs. How am I supposed to blog about science and canine diplomacy? I guess I could try to do something scientific-like with my dogs. Like make them sit in a tub of water and measure the meniscus or whatever.

What's a meniscus? Is meniscus a word, or did I make that up? Pretty sure that word appeared in my education somewhere. Whatever. I'm going to measure my dogs' meniscuses...

Apparently the plural for meniscus is menisci, cause there's no squiggly red line under it.


MENISCI. I just taught you a science word and made you seriously consider dog relations for the first time. You're welcome.


  1. its the water that flows up on the rims of a glass or in your case your bath tub. :) in a crescent moon shape ish. (wow. i actually do pay attention in chemistry)

  2. Megan! I'm just dying to get another update. Menisci are actually connective tissue made of cartilage between the femur and tibia bones centered in the knee to evenly distribute weight and add cushioning to the knee joint. What Audrey is referring to is water viscosity. But anyways, if you have any free time I'd just love to see another post up.

  3. its ther meniscus CURVE. when water is in a glass beaker, it sticks to the sides and has a buble type thing on the top. the bottomof that little indent is where you measure you water volume. whos mat??


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