When emailing me, please address me as "Radiant One Whose Splendor Is Great." 

If you want to have witty conversations, hate my guts and wish to express it, think my face needs all kinds of surgery, or have a question or request, you can contact me in the following ways:

My email address is (period between "megan" and "squared.")  Feel super duper free to email me with questions, comments, concerns, requests, or long spiels full of hate and mistrust and unfounded accusations.  Or legitimate accusations.  Whatever.

I mostly post pictures of my cat. Award-winning material. @megansquared

You can follow me on Twitter.  My username is megan_squared and I rarely tweet.  THAT'S RIGHT, TWITTER.  You don't own me.

Updated:  I'm actually starting to tweet, so I guess Twitter does own me.  But so far, it is a benign master.

Search on facebook.  Please add the Megan Prietzel (Megansquared) account with the drawing as the profile picture, because when random strangers add me on my regular account, I don't accept.  I  love every one of your squishy souls, but stranger danger and whatnot. Besides, my personal one is basically me just whining about school and stuff.  Blog/SparkLife updates will definitely go on the blog/SparkLife account.  The fact that I don't add you on my personal account does not mean that I do not like you, just to clarify. You should add my public account.

I'd like you to.  You should, in fact.